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Change Management UX Specialiist- IT

Job Title:

Change Management UX Specialiist- IT


Rockaway, NJ




6 months +

Job Description:


Conduct formal/informal interviews with employees and generally collect employee feedback.

Present employee feedback and information for consumption by technical engineers, including personas, task analysis, and other UX tools. Champion the employee needs to IT.

Point out the gaps and help the team to build out solutions to address them.

Collaborate directly with the Head of IT UX and Communication Specialist and technology team to create awareness and drive employee adoption. Support the UX strategy.

Tracks and monitors the success of the new solutions.

Establishes and communicates procedures to ensure consistency and professionalism throughout all communications, ensuring brand and strategy alignment in all communication efforts.

Job Requirements:


Experience with Change Management, User Experience/Usability, and/or Communications

Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal

Excellent organizational, analytical and interpersonal skills


Ability to work and multi-task in a fast-paced environment

Ability to converse with technical experts and translate technical speak into plain English

Ability to converse with employees and translate the feedback into actionable data for technical experts.

SharePoint experience a bonus

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