Life Sciences Industry

Increased competition, patent expirations, and regulatory challenges are increasingly driving life sciences companies to focus on productivity and commercialization across their enterprise.


Particularly challenging is disparate patient and physician data, as well as sharing information across the enterprise. It's a daunting task, complicated by non-industry-wide standards, traditionally independent departments within organizations, and expanded growth through mergers.


Starpoint delivers solutions to Healthcare and Pharmaceutical companies with particular emphasis on the following business needs:


Clinical Patient Data


We deliver compliant solutions that facilitate sharing clinical data in healthcare, which is being accelerated by Congress' increasing funding to form electronic health records and create health information exchanges.


Our solutions can capture clinical patient data electronically and then integrate that data from multiple sources, which allows our clients to track key clinical conditions, coordinate care, and report on care quality and public health.


Clinical Trial Portals


We deliver solutions that support drug testing and cost-effectively bring new and meaningful drugs to market faster.


Clinical trial portals enable pharmaceutical companies to securely communicate, share documents, and collaborate online. They can be extended as clinical trial management portals to facilitate enrollment of patients into drug trials and to capture patient medical data as they progress through the trial process.

Drug Brand Compliance


We deliver solutions that help clients better comply with regulatory requirements by using internal compliance intranets that maintain a central knowledgebase and by using centralized and repeatable consumer drug sites that adhere to brand, technical, and compliance standards.


While meeting compliance requirements, sales and marketing staffs are accurately and quickly trained, plus consumers are quickly informed to take maximum advantage of patent cycles.