Financial Services Industry

We live in a microsecond, event-driven world, where change and regulation necessitate increased innovation – and increased productivity. We began our Solutions Group in the financial services industry and deliver solutions to Wealth Management, Banking, Capital Markets, and Insurance clients with particular focus on the following business needs:


Portfolio Performance

We deliver solutions to help clients compute and segment portfolio contributions, weights, and returns. This begins with establishing accurate, normalized data from accounting and trading systems at a granular level that will support desired performance calculation models.

Portfolio Attribution

We deliver solutions that expose and prove causal links between the portfolio manager’s proprietary investment process and the portfolio’s segmented performance. Managers gain insight and can report on the effectiveness of their process, plus are better able to control risk.

Risk Decision Support

We deliver solutions that help clients determine portfolio systemic and security contributions to downside risk / potential upside against the investment strategy targets, including the ability to suggest trades that will realign the portfolio to desired targets.

Risk Monitoring

We deliver solutions that help clients monitor and control their Sponsored Access and/or Direct Market Access services to their clients.


This begins by developing a risk management framework that will provide real-time, pre-trade monitoring, then creating a customized technology model as an add-on to a Trade Execution platform.


The solution can provide risk alerts, plus provides for an automatic shut down of market access for clients that expose your firm to unacceptable risk.

Trade Monitoring


We deliver solutions that help clients monitor their Alternative Trading Systems, and also monitor trades at a FIX protocol node of Orders and their executions is available.


Our ATS Monitor solutions:

  • Allow transparent visibility into the ATS system
  • Establish the current state view of an Order Book, per Instrument and per Client
  • Display each Order in real-time
  • Expose details in a drill-down manner
  • Display instruments marked to market
  • Offer a History of Orders and their executions


Our FIX node monitoring solutions further enhances the value of the ATS Monitor:

  • Arrange all venue execution points (FIX Nodes) into a topology view
  • Depict execution routes for each Order
  • Provide real-time and historical roll-up statistics for systematic analysis of the effectiveness of each FIX node in the context of trading volume per unit of time, and free capacity assessed over a trading day

Wealth Management Solutions


Starpoint’s talented team of Wealth Management industry experts and highly skilled technologists use our proven methodologies to ensure that your technology refresh or replacement provides your advisors with the tools they need to be successful.

Our team provides insightful subject matter expertise, business analysis, technical strategy and design, product selection, development, implementation, project management, training, and on-going support.

We've worked closely with many leading platform and service providers, which enables us to bring an industry-wide perspective to your situation.

Starpoint provides consulting and development services for key areas that impact your Wealth Management and Advisory Systems, including:


Strategic Review and Planning

  • Operations Reviews
  • Strategic System Architecture Review


Requirements Analysis and Vetting

  • Current State Assessment
  • GAP Analysis with Prioritization
  • Future State Definition


Data Strategy

  • Data Modeling Optimization
  • Data Analysis Model
  • Data Integration
  • Data Aggregation and Reconciliation


Technology Selection and Deployment


  • Systems Evaluation and Selection Expertise
  • Technology Alignment
  • Implementation, Customization and Integration