Complex Event Processing

With an ever-increasing volume, velocity, and variety of events and historical information flowing through your IT systems, this avalanche of information can seem unmanageable.  Let Starpoint help you uncover relevant data and use it to your advantage.


Using event-driven computing, we'll help you identify specific event-action scenarios and meaningful patterns, relationships, hierarchies, and data abstractions from seemingly unrelated events.


By moving towards a predictive business model, fueled by continuous intelligence and proactive computing, you can correlate events, historical data, business rules, and expected behavior – and sometimes behavior which you didn’t know existed – to create a strategic advantage.


Event Driven Architecture (EDA) Framework

Based on our experience, we have developed a framework that we often use as a basis for many CEP solutions, speeding cost-effective development.


Complex Event Processing (CEP) for Event Driven Information Systems


We deliver solutions that:

  • Correlate and process streaming and non-streaming events and data in real time with high throughput and low latency
  • Trigger immediate response actions according to specific business rules, providing the ability to respond in real time
  • Identify events in the event cloud over time, to infer and analyze likely impacts that can mitigate risk, or discover opportunities
  • Integrate with existing architectures such as a Service Oriented Bus (SOA) and other middleware and in-memory processing products
  • Integrate with downstream applications